Preliminary tasks

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Many of the note sheets had to be re-assorted. Therefore, the note slips had to be examined concerning their content. Each of the 1.2 million handwritten sheet pages has been assigned a multi-digit code. Fundraising and co-financing allowed a three-year-lasting project. At that time, the Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Wossidlo-Archivs (society for support of the Wossidlo-Archive) was founded. Furthermore, as part of the preparation, 28.315 indices were recorded and transferred into an Acces-database. The project-staff digitalised a register of 1.472 supporters of Wossidlo’s work and the file of 4.080 narrators. The remainder of Wossidlo’s estate was made accessible with AUGIAS from 2002 and 2006 and subsequently filmed in Greifswald (2008/2009). Supported by the university’s data centre, the archive of toponyms was scanned (2.385 graphs) and transferred into an Access database.