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WossiDiA: The Digital Wossidlo Archive!



These pages provide background information on contents, aims, and emergence context of the WossiDiA project. Click the image below to proceed to the digital Wossidlo archive (German only). Login is not required.



Within the digital archive you can find very basic usage guides. A more detailed guide on readability and archival relationships may be found here (German only).



Please note the following advice: The digital Wossidlo archive is available since only a few months ago. It is a pilot project and therefore not fully matured yet. It is continuously revised, extended, and optimized. Please understand that we initially recommend the Firefox web browser for using the digital archive. Other web browsers and especially those on mobile devices have not yet been sufficiently tested with WossiDiA; that's why we discourage you from using them.


WossiDiA is the digital archive information sytem, which helps us to transfer more than two point five million paper notes and correspondence documents, the actual estate of Mecklenburg’s "first" ethnographer Richard Wossidlo (1859 - 1939), into an electronic online archive.


Richard Wossidlo is considered the founder of Mecklenburgian ethnology (Volkskunde), as one of the fathers of German-speaking Ethnology / Cultural Anthropology, and as one of the most important field researchers of European Ethnology. He also formed the concept of ethnographic museum in his area and collected oral data for the later published "Mecklenburgisches Wörterbuch" (Dictionary of Eastern Low German Language, precisely of the Mecklenburgian dialect).


This project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG, division 'Scientific Library Services and Information Systems') and the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK). The project is a joint venture between the Institute of European Ethnology and the Institute of Computer Science ,at the University of Rostock.



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